Review: Big Magic

Big Magic,” a novel by Elizabeth Gilbert, is an enticing read for those aspiring to live their most creative life, as well as those seeking a little motivation.

As a writer myself, I found “Big Magic” to be encouraging and intensely relatable, all the while urging me to think about creativity in a way I never had before. Gilbert takes you through the many stagess of living a creative life, from fear, to doubt, to completing a work, and finally to becoming successful and being proud of what you have created.

“Big Magic” challenges every reader to think outside the box, and live their most creative life. (photo from

Gilbert refers to creativity as its own being. A genius, she calls it. This idea helps you to see your creativity as something that is difficult to control, making you not entirely responsible for difficulties such as writers block. Gilbert speaks about ideas as if they come and go as the wind, warning to to grab a hold of ideas that are calling your name before they quickly slip away.

Not only does she refer to creativity in the sense of authorship, but she touches on all aspects of creativity. GIlbert wrestles with common belifs about creative lifestlyes, challenging you as a reader to reconsider the way you view your passions.

The way Gilbert includes stories and opinions of other well-known artists challenges the reader’s thoughts, and brings a personal feeling to the novel. She often refers to her memoir “Eat, Pray, Love,” when describing the life cycle of creating a work, as well as to further inform her readers about her life and previously written memoir.

Much like the style of her memoir, Gilbert uses detailed aspects of her own life and experiences to engage the readers. This is my favorite aspect of the book, making me feel as though I am simply having a conversation with Gilbert. Her use of common language and personal style is what makes “Big Magic” stang out in the crowd, inticing readers to sneak a peek.

I would reccomend “Big Magic” to anyone who enjoys an easy read full of inspiration. “Big Magic” is not only gaining popularity within the creative community, but is reaching large crowds with nominations such as the National Book Critics Circle, and National Book Awards.