More than “Just an internship”

Part of being a college student means you are learning and gaining experience in your preferred field everyday. You take all the opportunities you can to network, find jobs, and boost your resume, including taking part in an internship. At Stevenson University, within the business communication department, I am required to take at least one internship before I graduate.

17951681_1513098445391405_3215328605826701821_nThis year, as a junior, I have taken part in my first for-credit internship. While I will still need to do another one during my last senior semester, I figured why not get a little extra experience…right?

I landed a part-time internship with Route One Apparel, where I would spend 15 hours a week until I reached my end goal of 120 hours. I went into the experience excited, and nervous, as I was unsure if I was ready for the work force. I can say confidently, more than 120 hours later, that I am most certainly ready.

My time at Route One was more than just an internship. I learned copious amounts of information, not only about social media marketing (my intern title), but about myself and all that goes into successfully operating a small business.

I have taken on a position at the company for the summer, as a paid employee. I am eager and excited to further develop my relationships in the office, and to learn even more than I have already, This is experience has been one to boost my confidence and better prepare me for a lifetime in the marketing work force.

With this I encourage all college students to pursue an internship, paid or unpaid, that makes them nervous. Go for the one that is intimidating, the one that may push your limits, and the one that gives you the most potential.

The funny thing about internships is that they can be great, or not so great, but either way they teach you more than you might realize. After all, it may turn out to be more than just an internship.